News About Save Green Pond

As a result of the work of Save Green Pond, the land development hearings for the Traditions of America project resulted in substantial modifications to the project and a hearing officer decision that accepted all of our expert testimony and imposed numerous special conditions to protect the site wetland area and bird habitat. 

The proposed development was substantially reduced in size and the developer was required to protect and preserve the wetland area on the property. The project was modified to provide additional bird habitat in accordance with advice from Save Green Pond’s ornithology and engineering experts. 

The developer was also required to install a supplemental water system to assure that the hydrology of the wetland area was preserved. In addition, Save Green Pond’s appeal of the final plans resulted in further measures to assure the protection of the water quality in the wetland area.  

A copy of the Decision of the hearing officer and the final court settlement are available:

If you have information about any environmental violations at the site or other concerns about the project, please send an email with details to:

For a history of Save Green Pond's work, click here

Glossy ibis photographed at Green Pond Marsh on July 14, 2014

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