Did the developer’s bulldozer digging two holes smack dab in the middle of
Green Pond Marsh ruin the Marsh?

We hope not, but we won’t know for sure until the marsh water is replenished again. The Marsh was filled with water for 7 months from Jan 13, 2014 until the Marsh finally dried up on about August 6, 2014. Then in September 2014 the developer started digging in the dry wetland (see the video here). In the video, all of the green area is where the water was for the first 7 months of 2014.

We asked the Army Corps of Engineers who surveyed the Marsh, as well as our wetlands expert and a few other people who are familiar with this type of terrain and they all gave the same answer: “It’s possible that the impenetrable layer that holds the water for long periods in the Marsh was penetrated by the backhoe digging, and therefore the Marsh may not hold water like it used to. But we really don’t know.”

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