Interview of with Mitchell Indelicato
of the Northampton Community College newspaper ‘The Commuter’.

--The Commuter newspaper: “Can you give, in your own words, a summary of the situation, including the proposed plan and feedback from the community.” “Green Pond Country Club has contracted with a developer called Traditions of America to put houses on approximately 68 acres of land just east of Green Pond. Approximately 15 acres of this area is the Green Pond Marsh. The Green Pond Marsh is the core area of the Audubon Society officially designated Important Bird Area (IBA). The developer is proposing a 20 acre 'conservation area' to replace the Marsh area. The developer's 'conservation area', which would consist of detention ponds and a completely regraded Marsh area, would effectively destroy the marsh for a majority of the 160 species of birds that use this area. If the developer wants to do what is right for the local community and for the 160 species of birds that use this area, he would put a fence around the core marsh area (approximately 10 acres) and stay completely out of that area before, during and after his development construction. And he would also have a buffer  area of approximately another 10 acres where he could put his 'conservation area' and detention ponds.”


--The Commuter newspaper: “Are there any key supporters/backers to either side of the debate?” “In most debates, issues, or discussions usually there are roughly half of the people on one side of the issue and half of the people on the other side of the issue. The very interesting thing about the Green Pond issue is that we have not spoken to or heard from even one person who is in favor of this development. Except for two or three of the Bethlehem Township commissioners, the developer, and Green Pond Country Club, no one is for this development.”


--The Commuter newspaper: “Other than the township's denying TOA the ability to build, does the SaveGreenPond group have any other goals related to the project or location?” “ does not necessarily want to 'deny TOA the ability to build'. We only want them to stay out of the Green Pond Marsh area so that it will continue to be the viable mini ecosystem that it is now.”

“If they don't build, there is a consortium of organizations (including Wildlands Conservany, Audubon Society and county government and non-government organizations) that are eager and willing to purchase the land to Save Green Pond Marsh.“


--The Commuter newspaper: “How did the Save Green Pond Group begin?” “The website was created in the fall of 2011 shortly after the road between Green Pond and the Green Pond Marsh was resurfaced and raised about 8 inches by PennDOT. This raising of the road effectively created a dam on the east side of Green Pond. This not only made driving on the road more dangerous during heavy rain (and for many days thereafter), but it also prevented the Green Pond overflow water from replenishing Green Pond Marsh. This is when it became apparent that no one in Bethlehem Township with any authority was concerned about the unique ecological treasure that existed at Green Pond Marsh.”

“The website was not publicized in any manner until the current proposal by Green Pond Country Club to build in the marsh area was announced. Since then, we want everyone to realize what a unique natural gem will be lost if construction there is approved.”

Read the final edited interview on the "NCC-The Commuter" website.

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