A resident who lives in a Traditions of America (TOA) development has been telling us about the problems he and many of his neighbors have been having with TOA. He wrote the following email to SaveGreenPond.org and, with his permission, we decided to publish his email. We gave his email the title "The Truth about 'Traditions of America' Development Company".

"The Truth about 'Traditions of America' Development Company"
     written by a resident of a TOA community

Living in a condominium community such as TOA's resembles that of feudal times. Our community is in a tussle with TOA to complete or fix certain matters that TOA has overlooked or built poorly. A lawyer had to be hired by the community to challenge TOA to make the necessary corrections. TOA's attorneys argued against making any corrections at Highlands, Greenwood or Hanover.

TOA has asked someone from our community to speak BEFORE THE COMMISSIONERS IN BETHLEHEM TOWNSHIP on behalf of TOA. In exchange, TOA will take care of some matters on the punch list. Were I or anyone else to speak AGAINST TOA, the community may be held in retribution.

Were your commission to err on the side of TOA and construction begin, one of the first acts would be to remove all the topsoil from the site, as was done at Hanover. At Hanover, all the topsoil was removed and sold on the open market. The residents there were left with sod on top of bad clay and rock or sparse grass and clay and rock. Imagine the superior soil of Green Pond removed, forever. One of the major issues at Hanover is grading. Because TOA builds homes sporadically throughout the site, they are not able to properly grade the ground for water run-off. There are numerous run-off issues among home owners. At Green Pond, this issue would probably be even more dramatic.

As this is written, considerable rain is falling. Wetland areas will be retaining considerable water. TOA will destroy the Green Pond wetland site. They are developers and will create as much area as needed to build the maximum number of homes. The great wetland at Green Pond... a passing thought to TOA.

Editor's note:
Green Pond Marsh wasn't given ANY thought by TOA until after the Army Corps of Engineers was badgered incessantly by SaveGreenPond.org. The Army Corps of Engineers finally re-evaluated the site and determined that yes, in fact, that area is a wetland after all. But now, TOA has plans for the area immediately adjacent to the wetland, which if approved, will effectively destroy the wetland anyway.

Here is a LehighValleyLive.com article from 2010 which talks a little bit about the problems, even back then, at TOA Highlands: "Highlands of Glenmoor Active Adult Community voices development concerns to Palmer Township supervisors"

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