"These seemingly insignificant, temporary wetlands and flooded field provide critical habitat for our migrating birds, especially waterfowl and shorebirds. The continued loss of these resting and feeding locations places additional stress on these protected species and is totally avoidable, if someone cares enough to give our native birds some consideration.'
Peter G. Saenger
President, Lehigh Valley Audubon Society
Ornithologist, Acopian Center for Ornithology,
Department of Biology, Muhlenberg College

Slide from "Impacts of Land Development on Stream Flow"

A presentation given by David Brandes, Dept. of Civil & Env. Engineering

Lafayette College

"Preserving landscape features like hydraulically closed features (depressions and natural sinks
of which the Green Pond area is a good example) is a basic tenet of current thinking on
stormwater management, and that the alternative - to develop the site and convey
the runoff off-site - is almost certain to exacerbate flooding in nearby downstream areas.
In particular, Green Pond Country Club is at the headwaters of Nancy's Run Creek, which already experiences severe localized flooding and property damage in moderate to large storm events."

David Brandes

Examples of severe localized flooding and property damage.

Nancy Run | Hurricane Irene | Hurricane Ivan



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